Key Opportunities in The Ambient Intelligence Market In 2020

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Ambient Intelligence Market Trends

Ambient intelligence can be defined as the controlled electronic environments in the human space that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. It’s a broader concept that works around artificial intelligence, pervasive computing, and a well-designed network of sensors. Ambient intelligence allows various devices to work in synchronization to support people to carry out everyday tasks just as normal using artificial intelligence hidden in the network of these devices. The technological framework behind these devices would disappear leaving behind the user interface which forms a platform for humans to control the devices. Computing plays a major role in linking all the pieces of technology together and also allows the device to store data so that similar past requests can be recollected when required. Ambient intelligence environments can be enabled through a wide range of technologies, for example, Nanotechnology, biometrics, affective computing, RFID, Bluetooth low energy, microchip implants, sensors like the thermometer, motion detectors, photodetectors, proximity sensors, etc.

Ambient Intelligence Market, Regional Analysis, 2019

Live case:

The concept of ambient intelligence is way too unique and far beyond imagination, taking a live case of ambient intelligence to understand how this can be integrated into our daily lives and make it more convenient and satisfying. Let’s imagine you’re back from an official conference and the following are the sequence of events that will happen with ambient intelligence.

  • You have installed a camera at your front door which will recognize you and automatically unlock the door
  • A built-in sensor on the door will automatically check your temperature and give a beeping alert if excess
  • The house map installed on your smartphone will let you know the availability of your family members
  • Now you’re in the drawing-room and an i-pad is helping you with the latest updates of who visited your house, moreover what’s your agenda for the rest of the day
  • The sensor senses your mood and plays music, videos, or news as per your request

I can understand the excitement after reading the above activities, this excitement is not far from your reach. Whilst you watch Mission Impossible movies and think about the awesomeness of technology used to entertain you, researchers are designing something similar for you with the help of ambient intelligence.

Global Ambient Intelligence Market Opportunities:

The ambient intelligence market is one of the flourishing markets and its huge potential is still unexplored. With the developed and developing economies focusing on the concept of smart cities, urbanization, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the huge potential in location-based mobile applications this market is anticipated to grow in the upcoming years. Technological development is a never-ending play and each day experts are thriving to achieve the best in this field. Ambient intelligence faces restraints for privacy, identity, and security issues for users, however, companies operating in this field are equipping up with a better architectural framework, better privacy policies so that the untapped potential can be explored.

Healthcare integration:

One of the most important industries where ambient intelligence can be integrated into the healthcare industry. Today, most economies having premium healthcare facilities are searching for a solution to preserve and study medical history. Through successful visualization of ambient intelligence, for example, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of a patient can be created which will hold the prior treatments, allergic responses of the patient and can be stored on the cloud. If the patient travels abroad this data can be accessed by any general physician globally and can be convenient to treat the patient. This can facilitate the billing of international travel insurance too.

Global market overview:

With the advent and easy acceptance of technology in the North American (NA) region ambient intelligence finds its way too quickly in the NA region, the region is also developing in terms of smart cities, smart ports, smart highways which helps the technology development companies to explore the potential of ambient intelligence market. More than 10% of the technology companies are located in Europe which opens new doors for development and the European market is expected to grow at a stable rate in the upcoming years. This market has prominent players like ABB Group, Schneider Electric S.E., Vitaphone GmbH, Legrand SA, Siemens AG, Televic N.V., Assisted Living Technologies Inc., Ingersoll-Rand PLC, Caretech Ab, Honeywell International Inc., Tunstall Healthcare Ltd, and so on.

Key Opportunities in The Ambient Intelligence Market In 2020

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