APAC Education Market Trends In 2020

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APAC Education Market Trends

The education market is growing worldwide including countries like Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, and India. Asia Pacific countries are significantly aligned by many European countries for numerous areas. The education market is the fastest growing industry for these countries. Many Russian Universities are becoming the funding partners in several educational programs with APAC educational and research organizations. Asia Pacific region has the highest number of English learners, which is a key driver for speedy growth in the education sector. Online and offline are two main education market types. Currently, online education is more trending and the best solution for non-stop learning in this pandemic situation.

The online learning is more user friendly and efficient; this is also helping the increase in virtual schooling, which is discarding the long-distance barrier, you can learn from any corner of the world if you have internet and a laptop. This virtual schooling brings teachers and students from different countries on one platform. The other feature is you can save the lessons and you can relearn it. These advanced technologies are developing smart e-learning methods. Now various applications can be seen on mobile as well, day by day the e-learning process is becoming easier and handier for the student.

This education system is also divided into public and private sectors. Public sector education hubs do not charge much as the main motive for them is educating everyone. In the case of the private sector, the fees are high as they assure the good quality education and different facilities such as hostels and food services. The teachers are also highly paid professors with good experience; however, the education centres have become business in private sectors. To control this government also have implemented many entry barriers to make sure the quality of education must consistent.

In the other types of the educational market, it can be divided into different languages and by the grade systems which include pre-primary schooling, primary and secondary education, and higher education. Countries like Australia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore have the highest number of student enrolment in higher education. The franchise models have great opportunities in the Indian education market, which also required less capital comparatively. Chine holds more than 60% of its stake in the education market as most of the English learning revenue comes from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are becoming new education hubs for overseas students. In japan also an educational institution with global language English is rapidly increasing. There is a potential future of the education market as it provides learning as well as employment in many terms.

APAC Education Market Trends In 2020

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