Automotive Infotainment Market Trends 2020

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The automotive infotainment system market is growing steadily since the last few years, the market is expected to reach USD 38.73 billion automotive infotainment market size by 2027 as per the latest research report by UpGraph Research. Infotainment units are hardware devices used in vehicles for connectivity, navigation, and audio/video facilities. The IVI structures consist of, integration of the handset, head-up display, Infotainment systems for assistance to drivers, interior customization, and cloud-based infotainment. Many automotive manufacturers are offering a connected infotainment system with bluetooth/ WiFi connectivity for easy operations.

The infotainment system offers both entertainment as well information via single system. Entertainemnt features includes music, video, and radio playback, the informational content includes navigation, weather information, road safety information, accident alert, road block alert and much more. Today’s advanced infotainment systems come fitted with features such as evidence recording, data summarising , night cameras and black box recording. The integration of artificial intelligence in the infotainment system helps the driver’s attention while collecting surrounding data in real time. High-end infotainment structures are probably the most multifaceted automotive software framework for volume development. Typically, such systems include complex display systems that include audio entertainment, map reading structures, and various applications.

Press Release: Global automotive infotainment market size to reach $38.73 Bn by 2027 | CAGR: 9.7%

The new generation is opting for advanced infotainment systems which will have lesser use of connectors and lightweight fiber optics. With fourth industrial revolution future automation systems are developed with 5G communication and multi-function sensors for obtaining and delivering the data. Infotainment also has a comprehensive HMI for driver or passenger control and interaction. There is also a link to the mobile app integration software platform and the Virtual Private Assistant (VPA) software. Infotainment systems are also incorporated with OTA and cybersecurity applications. The OS is the main software framework that handles all infotainment interrelated software directly or indirectly. As a community, Linux versions now have the largest market share of infotainment systems. Google’s Android is increasing in value.

The Average display size for automotive display panels is increasing steadily each year, with loads of features introduced for infotainment system, the touch screen display is playing crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience. More than 60 % of infotainment systems use the display — including navigation systems. Some high-end display-based infotainment systems use a GPU to offer high-performance display systems. It has been observed that most of the infotainemmnt system displays are used for navigational purposes. Permitting users to customize their cars and infotainment User experience info, music, applications, themes and the colors of their choosing can only improve their driving performance. Assimilating these features with customization Human-machine interfaces should be used to maintain the uniqueness of the brand a secret to success in an exponentially rising sector.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW have been active in the automotive infotainment business for a long time as a competitor. The iDrive of BMW invented a new screen-based infotainment device when it was introduced. However, the new iteration of iDrive has long burned off bugs and now ranks among the strongest such systems on the planet. It is obvious that the large automotive companies readily adopts new technologies, for instance any feature introduced by BMW or Mercedez will be immidietly noticed and adopted by other companies such as Audi. MMI, which stands for Multi-Media Interface, has also been introduced with a click wheel controller and a centrally mounted dashboard panel by Audi.

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If we talk about worldwide growth Europe is expected to be the main market for in-car infotainment systems. Growing consumer buying power, easy access, and technological developments in the Asia-Pacific region will promote the implementation of in-car infotainment systems in these counties. Latin America and the Middle East market will grow at a moderate level.

Automotive Infotainment Market Trends 2020

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