Key Trends In The Automotive Lighting Market in 2020

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Automotive Lighting Market Growth Trends


Automotive lighting consists of any of the lighting devices used for signaling the rear, front, and side of any motor vehicle. This not only provides visibility to the driver on the roadways but also helps to mark the presence of the vehicle for public and other vehicles, which in turn helps to locate the position, size, direction, and sometimes speed of the vehicle. Vehicular lighting plays a major role particularly driving on the roads with heavy traffic there-by it is one of the major factors which decreases road accidents. Similarly, emergency vehicles always have some distinctive lighting for easy identification which prioritizes vehicular movement like, ambulances, fire brigades, etc. In some countries, the color may vary but this standard is followed across all the countries globally. 

Modern Automotive Lighting

With increasing trends of modern designs in the automotive industry, there is an equal rise in the use of modern automotive lights with improved performance, enhanced security, and innovative design which is favoring the spare parts industry to invest more and more in research and development work and satisfy consumer demand. OSRAM is one of the prominent suppliers of automotive lightings in collaboration with BMW and Audi has recently launched laser headlights in the brand new and ultra-modern segments of BMW i8 and Audi R8 LMX. This new development has opened a wide horizon in terms of the design and performance of automotive lightings. 

Market Drivers

An increase in concerns regarding vehicle safety and stringent government regulations are driving forces for emphasizing innovative designs in automotive lighting. Additionally, growing population and a significant increase in consumer buying behavior in the developing economies are some of the factors that are providing good opportunities for the manufacturers to invest in research and development and take good outcome out of it. Regions like North America and Europe are adding value in terms of innovations in Automotive lighting followed by the Asia Pacific. 

Future Trends

Long gone are the days when the car manufacturers used rectangular and round sealed beam units as headlamps for an automotive assembly. In the future, mostly the design of automotive lights would revolve around LEDs, OLEDs, and Laser technologies which can be computer-controlled and provide convenience for car manufacturers to integrate these with the automatic systems already present in cars. The manufacturers are using various innovative patterns to distinguish their brands. For example, Audi has patented the use of an innovative pattern for tail lamps and blinkers. Osram in partnership with Daimler, Fraunhofer, and Hella is working on advanced pixel headlight which the company is hoping to roll out in 2021. This will contain a LED matrix chip that would have 1024 individually controllable pixels that can adapt to suit driving conditions at all times. An on-board camera would monitor the vehicle from the opposite side and automatically would reduce the brightness of headlamps. With these future advancements, one can rest assured about the safety of lives on roads. 

Key Trends In The Automotive Lighting Market in 2020

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