Intelligent Video Analytics Market Trends in 2020

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Intelligent Video analytics is the latest technology that creates a massive amount of industry interest. In 2019, the Global Video Analytics Market was estimated at USD 1528.1 million and is expected to hit USD 4142.7 million by 2025, recording a CAGR of 24.5 % for the 2020-2025 period.

Intelligent video is digital video technology, which is combined with analytical software. Video analytics software can run on a networked device, such as a sophisticated IP camera, an embedded system, or a computer device.

Applications of intelligent video systems include:

  • Monitoring and tracking a moving target.
  • Searching for an object.
  • Counting instances of something, such as the number of customers entering a building.
  • Identifying the geographic location of something or someone.
  • Detecting suspicious activity and triggering alarms and/or alerts.

Intelligent videos are increasingly popular in IP surveillance systems. Some uses are marketing and education.

Devices working with intelligent video analytics

There are various types of devices that can work with intelligent video analytics, from analogue professional cameras to stand-alone systems based on powerful servers, so let’s address each of these devices.

Professional analog camera

It is not common public knowledge that analogue surveillance cameras are capable of conducting intelligent video analytics with conventional analogue devices, although these analyses are simpler compared to the intelligence embedded in modern IP cameras.

Here we are discussing Professional analogue cameras from major manufacturers such as Pelco, Bosch, Samsung and much more than just medium and large-scale equipment.

Intelligent video analytics features found in analogue cameras are easy and restricted because there is no bi-directional and complex contact with the control system, software or applications. You can programme a camera to detect motion in the image and show a warning message on the screen, show pixel tracking, or activate an external device such as a siren or alarm system through I / O contacts (dry contacts) available on your own camera. You will also find more advanced video analytics, such as line-crossing, entry and exit areas, and many more. The main drawback, however, is that the analogue surveillance camera does not have the capability to transmit information from such incidents to the recording and monitoring system, nor can it send messages such as e-mails and SMS notifications.

Intelligent video analytics embedded in professional IP cameras

Since its invention by Axis Communications, IP cameras have long been used in modern recording monitoring systems. IP cameras have created a big shift in the electronic security industry due to the fact that they have built-in information and the ability to interact easily with recorders, servers, apps and applications over the conventional computer network and the Internet.

Intelligent video analysis of an IP camera is more advanced than the conventional analogue camera previously mentioned, and the ability to interact with external devices makes this feature much more important.

Intelligent video analytics for Digital Recorders (DVRs)

A digital video recorder, popularly known as DVR, converts analogue signals to digital format for storage on an internal hard drive and allows camera images to be transmitted over a conventional computer network.

In addition to recording, the DVR can also work with smart video analytics as it receives video signals from cameras on each of its channels.

Intelligent video analytics for Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Network video recorders, popularly known as NVRs, are used to record the management of IP cameras and thus have a natural way to communicate over a computer network, enabling them to send messages and trigger devices on the network.

Intelligent video analytics on servers

Software-specific servers are used for intelligent video analytics that is not generally available on IP cameras due to the limitation of device processing or simply because software companies need to provide more robust and scalable solutions. In addition to recording, Companies such as  ISS, Mirasys, Genetec, Agent Vi, Fox Stream, and several others have specialized software that works with intelligent video analytics.

Intelligent Video Analytics Market Trends in 2020

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