Key Trends in The Global Premium Headphones Market

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Introduction and History

Headphones are one of the most popular electronic gadgets which are used by all the age groups as per the need and usage. After the manufacturing of the first headphones before 100 years, the usage has evolved in a number of ways, earlier they were used by US Navy, telephone operators, radio operators. During the second world war, headphones played a major role in analyzing radio signals sent out by different airplanes and warships on the battlefield. Great Britain emphasized on using and promoting headphones and radio systems to their allies and have a dominant base against their enemies. In the beginning era of headphones, the size and weight were comparatively more which restricted it to wear for long durations. It was in the era of 1970s and 1980s when the actual evolution of headphones took place in terms of better design which was easy to use and commercialized later for vivid applications including but not limited to the gaming industry, music industry, etc.


Headphones are extensively used in a number of applications; it can be used as a hearing aid for deaf patients and can also be used by a pilot to communicate to the ATC. They are a pair of mini loudspeakers which acts as electroacoustics transducers and connects to a single source such as a mobile phone, video game console, radio, CD player, Walkman, or any other electronic music instrument through a wire which receives the signals and amplifies sound in the ear. Based on the technology, headphones can be wired or wireless, wireless technology uses Bluetooth to transmit the audio signal by radio waves and is the most convenient for all age groups. 

Premium Headphones:

After the growing demand for headphones in a number of industries headphones, manufacturers put extensive research and development and initiated the task of providing the utmost convenience with the best sound quality. This promoted the maximum use of Bluetooth technology and the best quality of speakers which also reduced the magnified wrong impact on ears by extensive usage of headphones. The growing demand for quality headphones magnified largely in recent times, which led to the manufacturers to enhance the quality associated with price in each upcoming version making it available to large user groups globally. The premium headphones market is largely dominated by personalized listening experience, technology advancements, and portability in using consumer electronics by the user. Technology giants such as Apple, Bose, Sennheiser have emphasized on creating the best versions of headphones, making it a new benchmark in the technology industry. The most usual and prominent features of such headphones are their convenient usage. These headphones are mainly wireless and provide noise cancellation which in turn provides an amazing user experience against its price. The wireless headphones provide a hassle-free experience and can be used at jogging, gyms, malls, shopping, traveling, and even underwater activities which promote its usage and are largely used by the users of all age groups. 


Premium headphones can be classified into circumaural, supra-aural, ear-buds, and in-ear. Circumaural are mostly used by pilots and DJs and have pads on the speakers which cover the entire ear and also are good in noise cancellation. Supra-aural have the pads which press against the ears and are also widely known as on-ear headphones. Ear-buds are the ones that are used by the normal public and have good popularity for its ease in use. In-ear provides maximum noise cancellation and is recommended only for indoor usage. 

Major Players: 

Major players who focus on research and development and manufacturing of premium headphones market are GN Group, Harman International, Inc., Sony Corporation, Alclair Audio, Audio-Technica Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Bowers & Wilkins Group Ltd., David Clark Inc., Logitech International S.A., Koninklijke Philips N.V., Pioneer Corporation, and Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Bose Corporation, Beats Electronics, 3M, etc. 

Key Trends in The Global Premium Headphones Market

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