Key Trends In The Global Turbo Compressor Market

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What Is a Turbo Compressor?

Turbo compressors are a combination of compressors and gas turbines that are coupled mechanically. Turbo compressors are used for the supercharging of pistons of an IC engine. This happened via a mechanical phenomenon that utilizes exhaust gases from an IC engine to fuel the air (by increasing air pressure) which is utilized in the piston cylinder. Hybrid Turbocompressor is an extension to the turbo compressors and uses an electric turbocharger consisting of a high-speed turbine generator and is widely used in modern vehicles such as loading trucks, cars, and busses. As per design and airflow, turbo compressors are categorized into 3 types as under: 

  1. Centrifugal Turbo compressors: In this type of turbo compressor the air enters into an axial direction and exits the rotating impeller in the centrifugal direction. 
  2. Mixed flow Turbo compressors: In this type of turbo compressor, the air enters into an axial direction but exits the rotating impeller in neither in a pure centrifugal direction nor in a pure axial direction. 
  3. Axial Turbo compressors: In this type of turbo compressor the air enters into an axial direction and exits the rotating impeller in the axial direction

Advantages of a turbo compressor: 

  1. Turbo compressors provide high power density despite its very low weight
  2. Turbo compressors work on proven technology and are highly reliable 
  3. The energy conversion efficiency is very high
  4. With such great power density even, the noise level is very low.  

Applications of Turbo Compressors: 

After the development, turbo compressors were primarily used in the processing and transmitting natural gas. These are widely used in gas turbines and auxiliary power units. All the above-mentioned types of turbo compressors are extensively used in gas turbines to provide compression. Turbo compressors are recently used widely in the automobile industry with its effect of increasing the capabilities of the IC engine, these are used in hybrid cars to power the engine. Prominent car manufacturer Toyota adopted this new technology recently and can be found in all premium segment cars such as Camry which runs on hybrid technology and saves power when using turbo compressors. 

Turbo Compressor Market Growth Trends

In recent times, the turbo compressor market has witnessed significant growth, with good investments in the power generation sector by the developing economies along with an increase in global LNG trade and a growing number of wastewater treatment plants. The turbocompressors are widely used in oil and gas and power generation sectors, the oil and gas sectors dominate this market. Asia Pacific region is always expected to be a revenue generation region for turbocompressors due to the presence of a significant number of oil refineries and large chemical plants. Heavy investments and rapid industrialization in developing economies like India and China are expected to fuel its growth. North America region is the second contributor to the turbo compressor market with the US promotion and usage of power plants and Oil and Gas refining. 

Key Players In The Global Turbo Compressor Market

Some of the major players of the turbo compressor market are Siemens AG, General Electric, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Atlas Copco AB, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Howden Group Ltd, Elliott Group, Ingersoll Rand, Sulzer Ltd.

Key Trends In The Global Turbo Compressor Market

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