MES Market Trends In 2020

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MES Market Trends

With the Industry 4.0 and the revolution in digitalization, the manufacturing industry is also witnessing massive changes in the development. This innovation in the manufacturing industry is helping the industry to increase flexibility by pushing the extra burden on product operation which keeps high excellence level. Manufacturing Execution system is one of the software solutions which enables manufacturing firms to achieve their goals by executing, monitoring the production process with an ERP system. MES is mostly used in process industries like food and beverages, chemical and pharma, oil and gas, energy, pulp and paper, and many others.

Manufacturing Execution system screens and coordinates with other operational activities linked worldwide with the plant and connects them in real-time to the enterprise for its ideal usage. The manufacturing Execution system tracks all the processes from the beginning of the product until the order dispatched via the computer system and electrical support. This also results in the saving of paper usage and thereby reduction of cost. The benefits of MES include elimination nonvalue factors, Systematic and standard processing through all the plants, controlling all manufacturing as well as supply chain activities, Analysing the issues from the bottom root and resolving immediately, constantly improvising the product and services, reducing the cost by effective utilization of resources. MES offers a Centralised platform for all the issues with this stakeholder can gain complete visibility with organizational operations, MES provides a 360-degree operational view.

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) links manufacturing with ERP and PLM to promote a more comprehensive approach to the dynamic manufacturing initiative. The close combination of these systems will reduce the time for both new products and substantial product updates.

According to our survey, MES has also developed in regulated industries such as pharmacy, medical devices, and aerospace & defenses. However, MES could not take over all the activities as these industries required some legal proofs and documentation. Implementation of technology at all levels is not that easy, as most of the companies still have faith in the pen-paper system and they are not technologically advanced. The shop floor does not need an advanced mechanism and doesn’t want to spend much on it thus they avoid application such software. For instance, mid-size food and beverages companies are not much interested in such an investment.

In the coming years, the Asia Pacific region will witness a peak in the Manufacturing Execution system market. Many developing countries in Asia like India and China are anticipated to increase their manufacturing units to gear up their economies. As campaigns like Make in India are motivating the industrial factors to drive digital processing. Sectors like Textile, Automation, education also adapting the technologies.

MES Market Trends In 2020

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