Plastic Waste Management Market Trends In 2020

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Plastic Waste Management Market Trends

Plastic played a very significant role in the material industry considering its features such as uniqueness, waterproof, lightweight, and easy to carry. Due to its exclusivity, the usage and demand for plastic increased we are using plastic material as a substitute for every other substantial, then it can be plates, screw, machinery, or bags. The massive use of plastic material gave birth to other issues that are noticeable pollution generated by uncollected plastic on roads, beaches, countlessly all over the place. The many environment conservative organizations claimed that the reason for huge plastic waste is a plastic food packaging, wrappers.

Even though we want to eradicate the use of plastic it is not possible as it has become an integral part of our lives from the morning milk bag till night cold drink parties. The global on average production is 150 Million tonnes daily, wherein 70% of plastic packing converts into plastic waste in a short period. Out of all the consumed and used plastic 60% is recyclable, however, recycled plastic is more harmful to the environment as this contains additional chemicals and colors. The reprocessing of plastic material can be completed twice or thrice as the processing goes under thermal pressure which reduces its time, that’s why plastic recycling is harmful whereas plastic disposal is a decent solution.

Plastic waste management is an extensive process as includes the collection and transportation of plastic waste, categorization of plastic material as it comes from various industry platforms like construction, textile, packaging, and hoteling, automation, furniture, etc. After sorting of waste plastic recycling is processed. The next step includes recycling incineration or disposal of non-reusable plastic. Waste management requires a lot of funding as a separate infrastructure to handle the waste organization process.

As there is a saying every cloud has a silver lining, even the plastic waste management industry has many opportunities such as standardized packaging which is eco-friendly and recyclable. Renovating waste into energy is the new prospects with growing technological usage. Sweden is the most successful country where waste to energy program has been successful and is now import waste to renovate energy. Germany is also projected to launch the highest amount of such projects as this market expects the growth in coming years.

Coming up to the latest issue of COVID-19, though the lockdown helped the environment to reconcile its diversity, many other problems that have been raised due to this situation. The practice of single-use plastic has regenerated in this pandemic. This is because of the excessive usage of packaging during the boom of online shopping and food deliveries. The main source of one-time-use plastic waste is generated via the medical Industry which includes discarded PPE kits, used gloves, gowns, and masks which cannot be recycled because of its anxiety of diffusion of the disease. To make sure its proper disposal some of the waste to energy plants are using Artificial intelligence which makes this process easy and contactless. The automation of this process ensures the maximum of energy generation through waste materials.

The growing consumer awareness and education are helping the waste management industry to develop new opportunities and we will be witnessing the ascendant growth charts in the coming years.

Plastic Waste Management Market Trends In 2020

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