Global Cellulose Fiber Market Size, Share, Trends & Analysis 2020-2027

Global Cellulose Fiber Market Size, Share, Trends & Analysis 2020-2027

Cellulose Fiber Market By Product (Natural Fiber, Synthetic Fiber), By Application (Textile, Hygiene, Chemical, Industrial, Other Application), and regional analysis report 2020-2027

Cellulose fiber market growth and trends

The global cellulose fiber market size is expected to reach USD 53,208.2 million by 2027, the market was estimated at USD 33,125.4 Million in 2019. The market shall witness growth at a CAGR of 9.2% between 2020 to 2027. The growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for natural, bio-degradable fibers around the world.

Moreover, substantial growth in online sales of cloths has increased demand for high-quality cellulose fibers from the textile industry. Cellulose fiber is environment-friendly, cost-effective, and skin-friendly in nature, therefore there is exponential demand for such fibers. 

What is cellulose fiber?

Cellulose fiber is a type of natural fiber obtained from esters or ethers of celluloses obtained from plants. few prominent examples of cellulose fibers are hemp, linen, cotton, ramie, and sisal. These fibers are prominently used for applications such as the making of chemical filters to be used in laboratories, as a base material for creating textile grade artificial fibers such as rayon, Acetate & Triacetate. The mechanical strength of a cellulosic fiber is dependent upon the percentage of hemicellulose and lignin in it.

There is exponential growth in the b2c e-commerce market in recent years, almost 40% of the revenue comes from the clothing industry. Therefore the demand for various natural as well as synthetic fibers is growing from the textile industry worldwide. Cellulosic fibers offer specialized features such as moisture management and absorbance. Also, they can be mass-produced easily while maintaining uniform quality, purity, and strength. All such properties help in maintaining demand for cellulose fibers from various industries including textiles, paper, and chemicals.

Global Cellulose Fiber Market

The industry is facing certain challenges due to increasing prices of raw material, improving the domination of synthetic fiber, and stringent government regulation for environmental protection. There is a high initial investment required for starting a cellulose fiber industry, therefore most of the small players refrain from entering the business considering the current challenges in the market. Companies Around The World need to invest high on the R&D activities for increasing the existing fiber, further increases the operational cost in this business.

Product Type Insights

The Global cellulose fiber market can be segmented based on product type natural and synthetic fiber. The synthetic fiber segment is dominating the global market with greater than 65% market share in 2019. The synthetic fibers are prepared from wood pulp, for example, rayon and Viscose. Synthetic fibers Offer Advanced properties such as greater tensile strength, cost-effective, lower absorbency, antifungal, and abrasion-resistant structure.

The natural cellulose fiber segment is gaining prominence recently, owing to increasing demand for skin-friendly and chemical-free clothing fibers. Synthetic fiber is not suitable to all skin types, it may produce rashes in some cases, therefore the demand for natural cellulose fiber is growing steadily.

Application Insights

On the basis of application type Global cellulose fiber market can be segmented into textile, hygiene, chemical, industrial, and other. The textile segment accounted for the largest Market share of 67.2% in 2019.

These fibers are used in the textile industry for reinforced composites and as a raw material for manufacturing synthetic varieties of cellulosic fibers. The demand for cellulosic fiber is high from the chemical industry, these fibers are used to manufacture chemical filters required for the clarification and purification process in various chemical processes.

Global Cellulose Fiber Market, By Application, 2019

The decrease in the production of cotton has created a challenge for the textile industry in recent years, therefore the cellulosic fiber has become the most preferred alternative for the cotton fiber. The industrial segment is gaining prominence in the recent few years owing to the increasing application of cellulose fibers in the paper industry, enzyme production, nonwoven material production among others. The segment is anticipated to witness growth at a CAGR of 9.3% over the forecast period.

Regional Insights

The Asia Pacific cellulose fiber market accounted for the largest market share of 38.6% in 2019. APAC region is the largest exporter of textile products such as fabrics, wool, and paper. Growing textile demand in developing countries such as China, India, and Indonesia has resulted in substantial growth in this particular region. China and India are one of the largest textile industries in the world. China has advanced technology, skilled labor, and huge demand from around the world, which positively befits the growth of the APAC cellulose fiber market. Moreover, economic developments in Bangladesh and Myanmar are expected to boost the market demand in upcoming years.

Cellulose Fiber Market — Regional Analysis, 2019

European Union is the second-largest textile exporter in the world, the market growth is expected due to the production of high-quality fiber and increasing demand for European manufactured fiber from the U.S. market. The Europe Cellulose fiber industry shall witness high demand due to a sudden boom in the clothing from e-commerce sites.

Cellulose Fiber Market Share Insights 2019

The cellulose fiber market is highly diversified and competitive with the presence of companies of all sizes in this market. Factors such as fiber quality, tensile strength, and purity are key requirements to sustain in this particular market growth. The top cellulose fiber manufacturers include the following :

  • CFF GmbH & Co. KG
  • China Bambro Textile (Group) Co. Ltd
  • CreaFill Fibers Corporation
  • Fulida Group Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Grasim Industries Limited
  • GrupoSniace.
  • International Paper
  • Kelheim Fibres GmbH
  • Lenzing AG
  • Sateri


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