Global Cryptocurrency Market Size, Share, COVID-19 Impact & Trends Report 2021-2028 (PDF)

Global Cryptocurrency Market Size, Share, COVID-19 Impact & Trends Report 2021-2028 (PDF)

Cryptocurrency Market Overview

The global cryptocurrency market size was valued at USD1.3 billion and it is anticipated to reach USD 2.40 billion by 2028 as per the new market research report published by  UpGraph Research.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is designed in a way where it is used as a medium of exchange a person can invest in it and the database will be maintained in a ledger form and the individual has sole ownership of the amount they invest in it. More precisely it is just as investing in the stock market but here there is no physical form to this currency and it is not issued by any central authority. It operates based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the very first open-source cryptocurrency software launched in the year 2009

Digital currency has grown to be popular over the past couple of years and is anticipated to drive the market in the coming years. So much so that its popularity has led the central bank to support digital currency.  Developed countries are more likely to adapt easily and quickly to cryptocurrency.

Segmentation Overview

The segments of the global Cryptocurrency market on the basis of component, type, Application and Region.

  • The Component segment is further classified into hardware and software. The hardware segment is further classified into Field Programmable Gate Array(FGPA), Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Among these, the ASIC mining hardware shows the highest growth because of its high performance and hash rate it gives while mining a coin.  The software segment is classified into exchange software, mining software, wallet, payment, and others. The exchange software holds the largest share in the market. On the whole, the Software segment holds the highest market value.
  • The type segment is divided into Ether, Ripple, Ether, Bitcoin, Ether Classic, and others. The Bitcoin segment is the widely adopted cryptocurrency thereby holding the largest market value and growing quickly.
  • The application segment is divided into Trading, E-commerce, and retail, Peer- to- Peer Payment, and remittance. Among these Trading and E-commerce and retail segments are predicted to hold the largest market share.

Overall growth is shown by the Applications segment. According to this study over the next five years, the cryptocurrency market will project growth of 11.2% CAGR with its market size at USD 754 million in 2019 and anticipated to reach USD 1,758 million by 2028.

Global Cryptocurrency Market Segmentation

This market report shall provide in-depth information including market estimates & forecast, trends, market growth analysis at regional and country level for the following key segments in the Global Cryptocurrency market

Segment Subsegment
Component ●      Hardware

i.  FGPA

ii.  GPU

iii.  ASIC

●      Software

i. Exchange software

Ii. mining software

iii. Wallet

iv. Payment

v. Others



●      Trading,

●       E-commerce and retail,

●       Peer- to- Peer Payment

●      remittance

Type ●      Ether

●       Ripple

●      Bitcoin

●      Ether Classic

●      Others











●      North America

●      The U.S.

●      Canada

●      Mexico

●      Europe

●      Germany

●      France

●      The U.K.

●      Italy

●      Spain

●      Asia-Pacific

●      Japan

●      China

●      India

●      South America

●      Brazil

●      The Middle East

●       Africa

●      UAE

●      South Africa


Key Players / Top Companies in the Global CryptocurrencyMarket

The report shall incorporate detailed company profiles of the following key players including their business overview, financial performance, product/service benchmarking, strategic initiatives:

  • Bitfury Group Limited
  • BitGo, Inc.
  • Bitman Technologies Ltd.
  • Coinbase
  • Intel Corporation
  • Ripple Labs,Inc.
  • Xilinx


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