Global Smart BMI Calculator Market Size, Share & Growth 2020-2027

Global Smart BMI Calculator Market Size, Share & Growth 2020-2027

Global Smart BMI Calculator Market Size, Share & Trend Analysis By Component Type (Hardware, Software), Regional Insights | 2020-2027

Smart BMI Calculator Market Overview

The global smart BMI market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% between 2020 to 2027. Increasing fitness awareness among developing countries is driving market growth over the forecast period. Moreover, technological advancements in the healthcare & fitness sector are expected to boost market demand.

A smart BMI Calculator is a device that enables calculating smart body mass index by utilizing data such as age, body-weight, gender, and height. The first smart BMI calculator was launched in April 2015, since then many modifications have been done to improve the accuracy of the results. These BMI calculators measure and compare the individual BMI with standard ranges to provide better clarity on persons’ overall health. As per recent statistics published by the center for disease control and prevention (CDC), The prevalence of obesity was 42.4% in 2017~2018 in the United States. Obesity leads to severe health conditions such as heart attacks, cardiac arrest, stroke, diabetes (type 2), a certain kind of cancers, and even death.

Global Smart BMI Calculator Market

A smart BMI calculator considers Smart Body Mass Index (SBMI) for calculating the results. The normal BMI is calculated based on a person’s height and bodyweight only, however, the SBMI also considers additional factors including age and sex for calculation. Moreover, the normal BMI considered as physical units while showing results and SBMI reflects results on a scale of 70 points. Moreover, the SBMI indicates the impact of human body weight on human health by using a colored scale consisting of green, yellow, orange, and red. Wherein green indicates a healthy body and red indicates unhealthy body weight. This creates alert in the mind of a person and motivates him or her to take quick action for controlling the body weight. The ideal SBMI range is between 30 to 39 points.

It has been observed that the standard BMI proposed by the World Health Organisation is applicable to adults in a particular age range only, therefore in the case of children and elderly people the normal BMI tends to create the error. Also as it doesn’t consider the gender factor, the accurate measurement of the impact of increasing body weight on human health is not possible, as according to research, women’s bodies have more tolerance towards overweight compared to the male body, therefore increasing weight affect differently in male and female.

Component Type

Based on the type of component the market can be segmented into software & hardware segments. The software segment comprises of mobile-based applications that calculate smart BMI after the user inputs their data in it, although most of these SBMI tools are free, their key business model is generating revenue through advertisement or providing full-fledged fitness program, fitness tracking solution on a subscription basis. There is no stand-alone BMI calculator app available in the app store, however companies do charge for bundled software including integrated fitness programs. Therefore, the actual revenue generated from the software segment is just 2-3% of the overall market.

Global Smart BMI Calculator Market, By Component, 2019

The hardware segment is a key revenue generator for companies, the hardware comprises of smart weighing scales, body composition analysis scale, wearables, and others. The segment accounted for greater than 97% market share in 2019, owing to increasing awareness about health & fitness and the growing number of diabetic & overweight related diseases.

Top technological giants such as Apple Inc., Huawei are already dominating this market with their range of healthcare products including smart weighing & body composition scales. Fitbit Inc. has launched a series of fitness bands including BMI calculation features. Moreover, Now Amazon is also entering this industry with the launch of its ‘halo’ smart fitness tracker range which shall come with an inbuilt fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, activity tracking features.

Regional Overview

North America emerged as the largest market for smart BMI calculators in 2019, over 70 million U.S. population is obese, the number of the diabetic & prediabetic patient in the U.S. is also above 100 million, therefore the awareness to improve health, weight loss, and change in lifestyle is developing in the country. The sales of smartwatches, smart band, weighing scales has increased substantially in the last few decades. Apple accounts for greater than 40% market share in the U.S. smart BMI calculator market.

Smart BMI Calculator Market — Regional Analysis, 2019

Smart BMI Calculator Market Share Insights 2019

The global BMI Calculator market is highly competitive in nature, there is fierce competition from Chinese companies offering cheaper & low-quality BMI calculators, smartwatches & smart bands. Companies such as Apple Inc., Fitbit, Garmin Ltd. focuses on research & development activities to bring new features, better design for gaining market share. following is the list of top smart BMI calculator vendors in the world:

  • Accu Fitness (India)
  • Apple (United States)
  • Bupa (U.K.)
  • Fitbit (United States)
  • Garmin Ltd (United States)
  • Huawei (China)
  • Omron (Japan)
  • Seca GmbH (Germany)
  • Under Armour (United States)

Market Dynamics

Smart BMI Calculator Market DROC Analysis

Market Driver

  • an increasing number of obese population worldwide
  • Growing fitness awareness among the urban population
  • Increasing penetration of smart fitness bands & smart fitness trackers
  • Increasing awareness about various diet routines and willingness to monitor body mass.

Market Restraints

  • The high cost of digital BMI calculators
  • Low awareness in developing countries

Market Opportunities

  • Government initiatives to create fitness awareness & reduce obesity
  • Developing nations hold the high market potential

Market Challenges

  • Error & inaccuracy of current market products
  • Smartphone applications calculating BMI
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