Global Edutainment market size to reach USD 10.16 Billion by 2027 | CAGR: 8.55%

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Global Edutainment Market Growth & Trends

The Global Edutainment market size is estimated at USD 3.24 Billion in 2019 and it is expected to reach USD 10.16 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.55% over the forecast period as per the new research report published by UpGraph Research.

Edutainment term is defined as the combination of education and entertainment. The increase in the usage of technology and software has increased in the past few years and hence this term edutainment has derived, as this is the combination of both technology as well as software. These types of technologies make education more interesting and hence the students take more interest in study or education. A few of the examples of this technology are science exhibitions, children’s museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, etc. they offer both education as well as entertainment to the children. Many of the key players are developing new online games for children as well as for the young generation. Also, these key players are investing more in the development of online gaming to boost the customer experience and also they try to expand their portfolios. This is the reason to drive market growth in the forecast period. Another main reason to drive market growth is the adoption of new technology.

Technology is the most important part of every field of the economy which is the main reason for the growth of it. Education is also the one of sectors which is benefited from the technology and hence this attracts the investors. Most of the technology or software companies are team up with the educational institutes to incorporate advanced technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality to provide learnings through technology. During the pandemic COVID 19 many of the education institutes tied up with the technology for the smart glasses, they are using different types of applications to educate their students.

Overall the world southeast Asia and Asia pacific are the region where you will find more users who use smart devices and hence the growth of the Edutainment market is forecasted high to these regions. Another factor for the growth of this market in this region is the population and the presence of the many edutainment companies. North America is anticipated to the highest revenue share in the global market. However, the high investment cost, lack of edutainment can hamper the growth of this market.

View detailed analysis & download sample report here: Global Edutainment Market Size, Share, Trends & Analysis 2020-2027

Global Edutainment Market — Segmentation

UpGraph Research has segmented the Global Edutainment Market as mentioned below:

  • Global edutainment market by gaming type, 2017-2030, USD Billion
    • Interactive
    • Non-interactive
    •  Explorative
    • Hybrid
  • Global edutainment market by revenue type, 2017-2030, USD Billion
    • Entry fees and tickets
    • Food and beverages
    • Advertising
    • Merchandising
    • Other
  • Global edutainment market by demography, 2017-2030, USD Billion
    • Children
    • Teenagers
    • Youngsters
    • Adults
  • Global edutainment market by Region, 2017-2030, USD million
    • North America
      •  United States
      •  Canada
    •  Europe
      •  United Kingdom
      •  Germany
      •  France
      •  Italy
      •  Rest of Europe
    •  Asia Pacific
      •  China
      •  India
      •  Japan
      •  South Korea
      •  Taiwan
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
    •  Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Mexico
    •  Rest of the world

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